Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bucks County Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident can be a physically and financially devastating experience. With an estimated six million motor vehicle accidents annually in the United States, it is, unfortunately, an experience many of us will endure in our lifetimes. Those near large cities are even more likely to be in a Car Accident, as frequency of accidents increase in these areas. As Bucks County is due north of Philadelphia, one of the larger cities in the country, its residents are predictably susceptible to these statistics.

Unpaid Traffic Tickets Lawyer Bucks County

With approximately 20 Magisterial District Courts located throughout Bucks County, it is unbelievable how quickly Unpaid Tickets can seem to pile up and sneak up on you. Speeding Tickets, Red Light Tickets, meter tickets, illegal parking tickets and a number of other citations are frequently bestowed upon Bucks County residents by the local police force.

Suspended Drivers License Attorney Bucks County

Reasons for Driver's License Suspension

Legal matters which may result in suspension include:

Stop Sign Ticket Attorney Bucks County

If you are found guilty of a stop sign violation, you will accumulate three points on your license. If you already had points in the past, this may cause your License to Become Suspended, or require you to take a special PennDOT examination. Rather than suffer these consequences, it can be beneficial to hire an aggressive attorney to fight your ticket.

Speeding Ticket Attorney Bucks County

Speeding Tickets, depending on the severity of the offense and your driver’s history, can yield adverse results including Suspension of License, fines, PennDOT hearings, and increased insurance premiums. If you hope to avoid these penalties, you should retain a traffic attorney to either beat the ticket or reach a plea that is less consequential than the one you are facing. The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. have decades of experience fighting for our clients in Philadelphia area traffic courts, and are eager to help you achieve the best results possible. Whether you have a CDL you need to protect, an already complicated driver’s history, or a high fine/points ticket, we can help you with your legal needs.

Bucks County Speeding in a School Zone Ticket Attorney

The penalty schedule for standard speeding tickets vary significantly depending upon the rate of speed. Fines can be minimal or quite costly, while license points range between 0 to an automatic Suspension of License.

Bucks County Improperly Passing a School Bus Ticket Lawyer

As Bucks County residents know, the County is the fourth largest county in the Commonwealth. Given its size, we can only imagine how many School Zones are located throughout the county. We can all agree that the safety of our children is and should be among our society's chief concerns. That is why Improperly Passing a School Bus is one of the most serious tickets issued to drivers.